Hello, we are WOOZAA

your digital life assistant.

What is WOOZAA?

WOOZAA is your personal life assistant. You are the centre of attention and WOOZAA takes care of your affairs.

An app where everything that is important to you is safe and available to you at all times. Your documents, your belongings, the people who are important to you are there whenever you need them.

An intelligent support for all life events.

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What is WOOZAA?

All your important information safe and available at all times.
Intelligent support for all life events.
Your trusted people always by your side.

Life Events

I don't have the time to read up on all my life events and need competent assistance …


Who are my trusted people who are also allowed to make decisions for me in the event of an emergency?


What is part of my belongings? Are all my assets up to date? Do I have to arrange something else just in case?


Forgotten your wallet again and didn't bring any legally compliant passports and ID cards…


Different services, many contact lists and a big chaos ... Which contacts are maintained and always up to date?


I don't have a filing system for my many documents and besides, I can't access them 24/7 …

How does WOOZAA work?


With the help of checklists and to-do's you are well prepared for all life events and can be sure that you haven't forgotten anything.


Have an overview of all your people of trust at all times and decide who is allowed to make decisions for you in case of emergency. Leave nothing to chance.


Document your most important items at any time, whether tangible or intangible. In addition, regulate the estate of the goods in a convenient and legally secure manner.


Digitize all your passports and ID cards in a legally secure way, no matter whether it's your ID card, passport, driving licence or vaccination certificate. Forgotten your wallet? No problem.


All contacts at a glance and always up to date. As soon as users change their data, you will be informed and the adjustments will be made.


Documents in perfect order. Predefined and editable structures for optimal filing and AI-supported processes for worldwide access 24/7.

How does WOOZAA work?

All the information that is important for you personally is stored in WOOZAA. We use all the digital information already available from various sources and you add to it where it seems necessary for you. The recording is very simple and automated as much as possible so that you don’t have to do a lot of work yourself. And very important: You determine and decide at any time which information enters WOOZAA, how it is used or with whom you want to share it!

In WOOZAA, there are now a large number of prepared events – so-called life events – which provide you with an automated solution for the respective situation at the right time and place and that include all your information. No matter if you need to renew your passport or identity card, if you have to deal with an accident, if you don’t remember the access data of your favourite online shop, WOOZAA helps you to have all this available with just a few clicks and to remember everything. With WOOZAA, you can speed up all your necessary paperwork, exchange information with banks, insurance companies, authorities or even with your friends and family in a matter of seconds.

And even if you are no longer able to do so yourself: thanks to WOOZAA, your selected trusted persons can take care of all the necessary business errands for you with your prior consent. Very simpel, digital and according to your specifications.

Of course, the security of all your information is a top priority for WOOZAA. The latest security technologies protect all your personal data. Thanks to the digital master key from our development partner BialeCorp, everything is 100% protected from unauthorised access.

Who is WOOZAA for?

Private individuals

Freemium User & Premium User

Sales partner

Insurances, banks, fintechs, travel, trade, real estate, energy suppliers, car manufacturers, educational institutions, hotel & gastronomy, art & entertainment, telecommunications, healthcare, offices & authorities.

Cooperation partner

Companies that offer intelligent technical solutions and extend functionalities in and around Woozaa.

Service partner

Tax consultants, lawyers, doctors, hospitals, workshops, etc.

WOOZAA is a platform usable and beneficial for four target groups: Private individuals, distribution partners, cooperation partners and service partners.

Private individuals come first. WOOZAA manages personal life events. The WOOZAA user designates special trustees to stand by his or her side in case of need. For this purpose, the app connects the different user groups with each other. Data can be exchanged easily and in a matter of seconds.

Sales partners integrate the WOOZAA user into their digital processes and become part of the life events. To ensure that the whole thing functions safely and reliably from the technical point of view, WOOZAA is technically supported by cooperation partners. The service partners, in turn, cover the professional side of life events for the WOOZAA user. They offer their services on the platform and ensure lightning-fast and legally compliant processing.

Very important: The WOOZAA user decides for himself which data he shares with whom and thus always retains sovereignty over his data.

Where do I get WOOZAA?

Coming soon to your App Store!

All the images and displays shown are still prototypes to illustrate our idea. We are currently working flat out to get the perfect quality into the App Store.

What does WOOZAA look like?

Here we show a few impressions from the development lab.


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